The ‘ Fall is the perfect time to renew your furniture and home decorations. Climate change and new colors are a great inspiration to give your home a new look!

First you need to aim for warm colors and comfortable furnishing accessories. Let’s see what this year’s trends are saying with our tips in a nutshell.


The star of this season is velvet with unconventional colors. Ample space for yellow, fuchsia and olive green. This option gives the furnishings a soft appearance that does not give up elegance.

Another absolutely top material in this period is felt, which gives our furniture a more “Nordic” look, but equally fascinating.
Finally, if you want to focus on the classic, you can opt for tartan or English tweed to be used to cover both the furniture and the surfaces.


The watchword this year is to dare!
In addition to the traditional typical autumn foliage , you can break the mold by daring bold colors such as pink, red or ocher declining them in the shades you prefer. If you don’t want to paint, a great solution is wallpaper . The recommended option is the one with a dark colored background with themed designs or unusual patterns and with a shocking result.


In autumn the house becomes an absolute space for relaxation, where you can enjoy the temperatures that are still not too rigid in bright and comfortable spaces. For this reason, it is very important to choose elements such as cushions, poufs and warm rugs to make the environment welcoming and familiar. The stove can then be integrated into the space as a piece of furniture. A very suggestive detail is the use of wood to make shelves and small tables.


In a home restyling, the trendy finishes must not be missing, which characterize the rooms and give that touch of uniqueness to your furniture.

For the floors, an element that is making a comeback is the carpet, to be chosen in warm shades and with geometric designs that create a nice movement.

For the walls, on the other hand, you can leave room for imagination, with chromatic designs, pop paintings and small details with the aim of surprising guests and animating the rooms. Another very interesting option is the use of wooden paneling that reminds the houses of the north, in a reminder of the cold seasons.

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