Renewing the house and preparing it for the harshest climate is a valid expedient to face the arrival of the autumn and winter seasons with greater serenity. In summer, after the period of relaxation, there is much more chance of being able to plan renovation and redevelopment works, having more light available and a more pleasant climate.

The summer also reveals the maintenance needs of a house, because both have more time to live in their home and therefore problems are identified, which may even have already been revealed in winter.

To begin to make a general analysis of the house, evaluating the thermal and acoustic insulation, the structural condition and the state of the heating systems. Then continue with an evaluation of the arrangement of the furniture and the division of spaces, focusing in particular on the amount of light that enters the house in the living and sleeping areas and if the furniture obstructs the air conditioning systems, compromising the circulation of air and therefore also the healthiness of the environments with a consequent increase in energy consumption.


The first consequence is the evaluation of relying on a professional to also follow the design of the works . We recommend making this choice when the intervention is important and requires technical and management skills that cannot be controlled by you. This will help you to keep every aspect under control and to be guided step by step without risking errors, unexpected budget increases and lengthening of times. Then inquire if the works you would like to carry out require municipal authorizations for the start of activities.

At this point you can leave and we will see together the strategies and useful projects for an even more welcoming and comfortable home!


At home it is very important to manage it independently, acquiring virtuous habits to avoid waste and optimize consumption , also increasing the life of appliances and furnishings.
A first tip is to free radiators and any type of system from furniture or clutter.
If the radiator is under the window, beware of the curtains as well. If the air can circulate freely, it not only guarantees that the optimum temperature is reached in less time but also saves energy. Speaking of consumption, check the temperatures well: at home the thermostat must be imported between 19 and 20 degrees. In this way the house will have the ideal climate and you will not risk repercussions also on your health due to bad temperature changes.
A further stratagem to enhance the heat is to apply reflective aluminum panels behind the radiators or heating instruments placed on the walls, which serve to push the heat inwards avoiding dispersion on the wall and therefore outside.
Finally, take care to always circulate the air in the house: a healthy environment is what it takes to make the house efficient and welcoming.
Finally, there are interventions that are a bit more demanding but simple to implement that improve the thermal insulation of the house. This is the installation of plasterboard walls or false ceiling systems that guarantee an improvement in air quality and less dispersion. This increases the heat in the rooms.



If you want to solve the problem of heating in a definitive way, the advice is to resort to a radical but certainly effective intervention. First of all, it is necessary to provide for the perfect insulation of the house and this can be done by creating the thermal coat, which can be both external and internal.

It involves the application of insulating panels in external walls or internal facades. In the case of internal thermal insulation, the insulation is good, but it may not be complete, as it is not easily applicable throughout the house, due to the subdivision of the internal spaces. However, it helps to eliminate molds and to avoid humidity problems, ensuring optimal living comfort.

The external one, on the other hand, absolutely isolates the house and guarantees perfect air conditioning both in winter and in summer. The insulation of the house also passes through the installation of perfectly insulating windows, perhaps with double glazing and PVC.
At this point you just have to evaluate the heating system . In this case the difference is given by your goal: to focus only on saving consumption or also to associate attention to environmental pollution.

There are in fact heating systems that exploit renewable energies or that use low-polluting materials. The investment is a little higher, but the savings are guaranteed and also in the short term. In this regard, it is good to know that all the interventions that lead to a qualitative improvement of homes benefit from the tax concessions, provided for in the 2018 financial law. You can therefore recover part of the expense through the discounts on the tax return. For heating, up to 65% of the total cost can be recovered up to a maximum of € 30,000.


For temperatures as cold , even the furniture wants its part!
It is very good to renovate the house from time to time, perhaps changing the arrangement of the furnishings, replacing some elements to give a different tone to the rooms, or reselling the entire home furnishings. This action will certainly prepare you much better to welcome the new season and you will feel the home much closer to your sensations.
Let’s start with the colors.

Autumn and winter call for warm, natural colors . The environments where wood reigns in all its shades are perfect, or if you have a more modern style, rooms where there are colors such as biege, yellow and, why not, even red. You play a lot on the opposition between more neutral and lively colors, without necessarily upsetting the basic furniture. You can also simply change the curtains, buy an optical or brown shade lamp.
If you don’t want to touch the furniture or the colors on the walls, play a lot with the furnishings or small objects of furniture: carpets and poufs, for example, are excellent allies to warm and revive the home. Or you can also create a wall from scratch with photos with colored frames. The important thing is to give the rooms, which in winter are much more popular, that familiar and welcoming aspect that reflects the personality of the tenants.

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