Sometimes necessity, sometimes opportunity. The room obtained by exploiting the heights of the domestic environments offers more possibilities both for small sizes and under frescoed ceilings. Where it is no longer a taboo

The idea of ​​furnishing a mezzanine in a house with particularly high ceilings is a temptation for many. However, the opportunity to increase the available square meters must not make us lose sight of how much an environment can lose in air and light. Therefore this opportunity should be considered only in case of need.

However, particular examples are not lacking, such as the mezzanines furnished under frescoed surfaces or decorated with plaster. Another solution is that of the volume inserted in an open space (typically used to make the bathroom) which allows to recover a living space under the ceiling.

Mezzanine, the extra room

There are several examples of different uses for a mezzanine space: a children’s play area, a space dedicated to smart working, or a simple hallway for a second floor where perhaps a library can be organized. But generally, when you need to make the most of small studios or take advantage of a double-height room, the mezzanine becomes a bedroom.

Furnish a low mezzanine

For a space where the height does not allow to stand up, the only possibility is to organize a bed. Generally used as a guest room. A minimum standard size does not exist, but it is necessary to expect to be able to sit at least on the mattress. And furnish the mezzanine bearing in mind this physical limit

Bedroom on the mezzanine

The typical solution is that which provides a sleeping area . Sometimes it is simply a futon ‘nestled’ in a narrow space, as if it were a bunk bed. In these configurations, the space must be exploited to the maximum: shelves and drawers used as bedside tables to place books , lights and even small frames , make the space more welcoming.

When it is possible to furnish a mezzanine like a real bedroom after the bed, containment furniture must be provided. If the walls do not allow it, you can opt for low drawers used to delimit the facing space . The priority, however, is to recover as much natural light , perhaps with a glass wall and completed with an interior curtain , to make the environment livable at any time of day.

The stairs to a mezzanine

Even the steps leading to the raised space can be interpreted in two different ways: either in saving space or as multifunctional furniture. The minimal solution is that of the ladder, but for there are solutions for modern and equally essential stairs. Another popular idea is the solution that provides shelves instead of steps, both visible and hidden.

What to put under the mezzanine

Even the space under a mezzanine should be imagined as an opportunity. You can imagine a walk-in closet with a textile wall, like certain bridge bedrooms. But also a smart working space . In both cases, you don’t need a great height to have a usable space.

In the case of rooms with more space, the mezzanine becomes a sort of false ceiling. You can insert technical elements, such as a lighting system or an extractor hood for an open kitchen. Or in an open space you can imagine an equipped wall that separates two rooms.

Illuminate a mezzanine

The optimal solution for natural light is the skylight , typical of a low attic . In the case of mezzanines open to double-height environments, it is better to provide a system of curtains to maintain independence and also gain privacy.

For artificial lighting, use lights pointing towards the ceiling. Space for wall lamps and table lamps for dedicated light points. If the mezzanine project does not include interventions on the concealed systems, wireless lamps can be used . And another possibility valid for these contexts such as low mezzanines and the use of LED strips .

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