Many would like to have a mezzanine in the house.

Usually, the mezzanine is present in the small size apartments. Having a space that overlooks the walkable surface, it is possible to obtain an extra room without concentrating all the furniture in a single area. In these cases, the mezzanine can be used as a bedroom in order to separate the sleeping area from the day area. If the dimensions are really small, you could set up a large built-in wardrobe or a bookcase.

But a mezzanine can embellish the architecture of even a very large house. It could be a study area or maybe a relaxing sitting room. A place more isolated from the rest of the house to spend time doing what you love.

Let’s see together some decor ideas for the mezzanine.


Houses with high ceilings are very suitable for a loft made of wood or a different material. However, it is not certain that with normal ceilings, an ad hoc designed upper space cannot be created . The important thing is that the environment is organized and functional.

The minimum height of the room must be at least 560 cm . In fact, at least 270 cm are considered for each zone. For the lower one, you can go down to 240 cm if the mezzanine is above a bathroom, a kitchen or a corridor.

Another essential feature of the mezzanine is the surface which must not exceed 1/3 of the rest of the room.


Some critical points in the realization of the mezzanine could be the lighting , the ventilation difficulties, the inconvenience of access (especially if you have a small apartment) and, of course, the space available which can be limiting for some choices. On the other hand, all of these things can also be an opportunity to develop our more creative side.

What unites all the apartments with a mezzanine is the presence of a staircase , to be decorated and painted according to the style of the house. You can choose a modern furniture and create a harmonious mix between antique and contemporary. Or, if the house has a complement that characterizes it, such as, for example, a stone fireplace , make sure that the furniture harmonizes around this pivotal element with a rustic style.


When you imagine the loft in your home, how do you imagine it? In wood , masonry or iron ?

These are, in fact, the materials with which the suspended surface can be made.

The wooden mezzanine gives the apartment a romantic look. It is a warm and welcoming material that recalls the mountain huts and the rustic style. Many mezzanines are made of wood because it is a practical and quick construction. In addition, the thickness of the floor does not take up too much space unlike that of masonry which reaches up to 10 cm. You can play with iron beams to create dynamism and liven up the architecture. The only disadvantage of a wooden mezzanine is the creak that may occur when the floor is stepped on.

This defect is overcome by the masonry mezzanine . The latter also gives the possibility to pass the electrical and plumbing system which can be useful if the dimensions are such as to allow the construction of a real room.

If you love hi tech or industrial furniture , then you have to opt for an iron mezzanine. Visually and structurally it is very light. Its flaw? The cost! Making a surface with this material could take some money away from you.


The mezzanine is an oxymoronic architectural element. Despite being exposed and open to the rest of the house, there is nothing that communicates a greater sense of confidentiality and privacy. And precisely for this reason, the mezzanine should be used as an intimate , welcoming area. It represents a small happy oasis inside the apartment and even the furniture must communicate personality, warmth and relaxation.

You could choose to make your mezzanine a bedroom and use some decorative elements that capture the attention and, at the same time, enhance the particularity of the mezzanine. A tent, for example.

Or, you could use the mezzanine as a relaxation area, perhaps furnishing it as a reading area. Imagine a wall bookcase, as high as the wall, with a comfortable armchair in front and a table on which to place the steaming cup or cold drink (every season wants its own). In case your hobby isn’t reading, you can equip it depending on what you love most. In any case, create a pleasant area where you would gladly spend time relaxing.

Conversely, you could use the loft as a personal study . Maybe if your work requires a lot of the use of the PC or the consultation of documents, you can take a desk, shelves and build a work area enviable by anyone. Remember to use very light colors for both the walls and furniture. In this way, you will give the idea of ​​increasing the volume of the room. And pay attention to the lighting: you don’t want a shaded study area!


The style of the furniture will depend a lot on the square footage you have available.

If your studio is about 30 square meters  , therefore small in size, the advice is to avoid filling it with accessories, in order not to risk making the apartment even smaller than it already is. It is advisable to adopt a minimal style.

If the ceiling is high, you can place the bed you prefer and decorate the space with designer chandeliers and wall accessories, which will make the sleeping area more elegant. If, on the other hand, the ceiling in the apartment is rather low, it is better to choose an equally low bed model.

On the contrary, if the surface of your mezzanine is about  70/80 square meters , then you can give more space to creativity as regards the furnishing solutions.

For example, instead of creating the sleeping area in the upper part, you can create it directly on the entrance level, with a design folding screen or a bookcase. The upper area can become your study , with a desk and an office chair, or a relaxation area, with a few poufs.

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