Good morning I’m happy to write again today but above all to tell you about wonderful news I’ve been working on in the last period: the restyling of my bedroom with prints .

Yes, in these weeks of shutdown in my area I have dedicated myself to the restyling of the room I care about the most. I optimized the time and I must say it was a real pleasure to work on this project. It all started with the desire to get as close as possible to my style by putting into practice all the advice that I often find myself giving to my clients. I decided to start from the composition of a wall gallery that made me feel at home, something that at this moment could convey a sense of absolute serenity. Photos, colors and texts had to represent me.

I chose to do it with prints from the Swedish-brand prints shop online, where you can find a wide selection of posters with different themes and categories, suitable for all tastes, with new products every Tuesday. They are all affordable and of great quality, curious on the site and at the bottom of the article there is a surprise for you!

Create a relaxing environment

I don’t know if you notice but for this restyling I decided to renew the color of the bed which is a classic blue from Ikea. I changed the fabric of the bed frame using an Ikea curtain, the Lenda, which I had kept aside since it is the same as those placed on the windows. I pinned the fabric and then sewed the various pieces. I’m thrilled with the result because it looks like a bed born exactly like that, with these fabrics and colors! Do you like it as an idea?

This is my wardrobe in sight, I know it may seem very strange but I really like it! Compared to the usual wardrobe with doors, I decided to use a structure similar to that of the walk-in closets which I then covered with a curtain. A blue waterfall that leaves me with a sense of lightness and quiet compared to the traditional encumbrance of a wardrobe.

I often find myself telling during my home organization courses , but also to my clients who approach me with a request for advice on the sleeping area, about how much the bedroom is one of the most important places. In my opinion, after the entrance, it is the second most important room to which you should devote the maximum of your attention.

It is a neutral environment, an environment that must remain as tidy and clean as possible characterized by a serene and relaxing setting and atmosphere . This is because after a whole day spent at work, away from home, or even just for fun, during the night you need to remarry, to recharge your energy that you used during the day. You have to relax but you can only do it in an environment that gives you serenity, calm and tranquility.

I decided to do it by bringing the colors that represent me into this room, trying to bring balance to the tones and elements present inside the room . I did it by organizing the space in the best possible way, setting up an environment as tidy as possible and free from unnecessary objects (if you want to know more, read my article on Decluttering and the rules to follow to optimize the spaces in the house ). But I also did it following my theory that there must be nothing in sight but what represents you.

We need elements that can tell your story, communicate with you. Because you are your home!

How to decorate a blank wall with prints

I am convinced that the house sends you messages, every day, every time you spend time inside. The house communicates talks to you and does so through signals, elements, shapes and colors. You can use the furnishing accessory as an element that represents you, that characterizes your spaces but also as a message to you. Something that reminds you how pleasant it is to live in your home environments.
And that is why in the restyling project of the room I decided to choose prints that communicate a clear message to me every day, which represents me in this moment of life and I chose to create a wall gallery with prints that would excite me, because this is what I want from my interiors, emotion!


On the wall behind the bed I chose to remove the prints I had before and which no longer represent me, I left the wall freer to create balance in the different points of the room and not to overload one wall too much. I placed a print with a phrase that carries a very important message and then together with my little one we made a handmade fero garland . We collected some Oleander leaves in the garden and during one of our walks in the woods we took a small piece of pine branch. We tied everything together and voilà, I like the result a lot!

The beauty of decorating with prints is that you can reuse them, suspend them, choose others. You are not bound to fixed, permanent objects, but they are light furnishing accessories, which follow you , follow your story and your path, and that’s why I love them. I have decided to choose the ones that in this moment remind me where I have arrived, which is my path and where I want to go.

In my life I have often found myself collecting prints, surrounding myself with images, drawings and photographs to decorate my home spaces. It is a passion that I have been carrying with me for a long time, it serves to characterize my environments, to personalize them. The thing I like most is to keep these prints, see how they change and remind myself why I chose one image over another.

Decorating the walls of the house with prints means getting excited, it means arousing emotions. Prints are one of the means of communication we have to talk to us through our spaces, let’s use them! 

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