A small apartment under the roof must be well thought out in advance in order to be pleasant and practical to live in. Here are some tips for arranging a small area!

Identify needs

If the surface has to be completely arranged, the first thing to do is to write a specification of the real needs of the inhabitants: do they like to cook? Do they often receive friends? Do they need a large library? From a large dressing room? The answers to these questions will dictate the final layout of the apartment.
If you don’t cook much, the kitchen space under the roof will be reduced to the essentials and can even be hidden behind sliding walls or Japanese panels.

Visually open space

To feel a sense of space, the eye must be able to go as far as possible. So we can, for example, use interior windows to partition without enclosing the bedroom, the kitchen, and even the bathroom.

The addition of a curtain, which can be opened and closed as needed, creates privacy when needed.

Another architect’s trick is to install a backlit canopy against a blind wall (inserted into the plasterboard for a more realistic effect), which creates an illusion of space and light. Pure deception but we gain a feeling of comfort!

Optimize every square centimeter

In a small apartment, every little space counts. We then take advantage of an intersection of beams to create a small bookcase and the thickness of a wall to install small niches.

In a bedroom, it can be clever to place the bed in the center of the room and lean it against a headboard (made to measure in medium) which also acts as storage (thanks to a system of niches) and a half -partition. Finally, if the attic has a good height under the ridge, installing a mezzanine allows you to create an additional bed that will be welcome.

The platform is another good way to optimize space. By raising a desk, for example, it allows you to make full use of the surface: a workspace and storage.

A functional bathroom

Installing the toilet in the bathroom saves precious square meters. A real walk-in shower with a transparent wall will visually expand the space.

Clever equipment!

We opt for a multifunction oven which also acts as a microwave, a washer-dryer, possibly a 3-in-1 cooker (hob, small oven, small dishwasher). We choose a sink that can be closed with a cutting board and kitchen utensils to save space.

Ad hoc heating

In a small apartment, it is better to avoid large hot water tanks, which encroach on the living space. We will therefore favor a boiler that will produce both heating and domestic hot water.

Playing with NATURAL… AND ARTIFICIAL light

In addition to large roof windows, which will visually increase the space thanks to significant contributions of natural light, it is possible to create volume effects and beautiful perspectives at nightfall by lighting the beams, niches, and backlighting kitchen baseboards, for example.

Position the color correctly

The color helps create perspective effects but be careful to apply it to the right place. We avoid painting the walls facing the windows because the light will be absorbed by the color, which will visually reduce the space. Similarly, we avoid mixing colors so as not to overload the space.

And on the ground side?

The more uniform the floors, the better. The same floor covering makes it possible to visually unify and stretch the surface . Be careful, if you are laying parquet, don’t forget to make expansion joints (usually under the doors) to prevent the boards from lifting.

Mirror, my beautiful mirror …

Mirrors reflect light, visually expand the space while being decorative. The right choice: a huge mirror placed against a wall, which will both be a strong element of the decor and will give the impression that the room is much larger than it is.

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