Raise your hand if you have never dreamed of having a house with a garden.

Especially for those who live in areas where the climate is mild in different months of the year, it is nice to have a green space in which to organize parties, let the dog play or simply relax in the sun. Enjoying the vision of nature is regenerating, especially in an era like the contemporary one where the artificial is slowly suffocating and dominating the natural world. Just as it is regenerating, as well as a good exercise of responsibility, to be able to develop a green thumb and to take care of plants and flowers.

However, designing and building a house with a garden is not very simple and there are several factors that must be taken into consideration. Here are some tips on how to design a dream garden for your home.


Do you want to dedicate yourself to the design of your garden without resorting to the help of any gardening company? You could do it, although asking for help from gardeners might be useful if you are really lacking in botany. They can give you advice on plants that belong to a certain territory so that you don’t venture into crops that will fail or clash with the rest of the landscape. Also, don’t underestimate the importance of irrigation systems. There are different types of plants, each functional with respect to a type of organization and structure of the garden. So, better not improvise anything!

What you will be freer on is garden furniture . There you can indulge your creativity and do everything according to your taste. But for technical things, it is always better to rely on those who know.


Designing a garden means asking oneself about the use that will be made of the piece of green land. Do you have a lot of square meters available? Then, you can create different areas each with a specific function. There could be a space dedicated to children’s games , the actual garden , the gazebo with tables and a small outdoor kitchen .

Dividing and organizing spaces is one of the tasks that are part of the work of gardening companies. It comes natural to wonder how much everything will cost. In reality, giving an economic estimate is not easy because a lot depends on local prices and on the extent of the garden itself. Generally, we can say that for the preliminary study and the project it is around 100/200 euros per 100 square meters . Obviously, you save when the company itself is also commissioned to carry out the work.

As for, however, the best period of time to design a garden is certainly autumn. The temperatures of the season are not too cold yet and give way to work outdoors. Considering that the trees turn green again and the flowers bloom in spring, it is advisable to organize in time the structures that will accommodate plants and flowers.


When designing a garden you have to take into account the strengths and try to hide the flaws. Considering the proportions is a fundamental operation: each element must be arranged in a harmonious and functional way, so as not to overload the environment or make it too bare. The goal is to create geometric lines in the garden using natural and artificial elements.

A fundamental point of reference is the climate . Always keep in mind the temperatures of the area during the year and the consistency of the soil. All this to try to plant the right plants that do not die in the long run due to time. Another distinction is the time you can devote to your garden. If you can’t take good care of your plants and aren’t planning on hiring someone to do it for you, it will be wise to have plants that don’t need too much attention. Otherwise, you can indulge yourself with colors and types.

Find the sunniest and shady areas of your garden. This is also important for the organization of the garden space. As well as the presence of arcades and terraces with hedges and / or flowers according to taste.


If you have enough space in the garden, in addition to the green corner, you can create some zones to which you can assign different functions. You can think of creating a barbecue area with grill, outdoor refrigerator, wooden tables and chairs. Or a play corner for children where you can insert a slide or a swing. The most ingenious and the most active can also try to build a house to be placed in a tree. There could then be the relaxation corner with sofas and deck chairs to be placed under or around a gazebo. Those who are luckier can also think about creating a pool.

The different areas can be highlighted by the use of different flooring . Gravel or sand for the space dedicated to children, terracotta, pebbles or stone for the other areas according to taste.

The furniture of the garden furniture must respond to the style preferred by those who buy it. Not only comfort and aesthetics should be taken into consideration, but also resistance to atmospheric agents as they will be placed abroad.


For garden furniture, always choose neutral colors that do not clash too much with the natural environment. A good idea might be to dedicate yourself to a DIY garden decor in which a lot of furniture is recycled from the home or from friends and family and repainted or upholstered as desired.

Very common is the use of umbrellas or tents. Depending on the materials and colors, the environment can have a rustic, modern and / or elegant touch. Look for candles or battery-powered lamps for evening lighting so that you can enjoy your garden even in the evening in a very romantic and suggestive atmosphere.

You can’t miss a hammock or a relaxed armchair. There are also numerous hanging chairs in which you can swing. Once seated, you will never want to get up again! They are definitely worth trying.

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