How to choose kitchen furniture?

Equipping your kitchen well means choosing ergonomic furniture that makes everyday life easier, while saving time in preparation. In addition to this functional aspect, kitchen furniture must be aesthetic, reflecting the soul of the inhabitants and giving character to the space. If the kitchens of decoration magazines, TV shows, pro renovations make you dream, but you do […]

Industrial Design Kitchen

The choice of the style of a house must necessarily depend on the needs of those who live there, on the space available and above all on the style you prefer. In the article ” Industrial style: furnishing and creating “ we talked about the birth and characteristics of this particular style. In this instead, we will talk about how to […]

How to optimize a small apartment?

A small apartment under the roof must be well thought out in advance in order to be pleasant and practical to live in. Here are some tips for arranging a small area! Identify needs If the surface has to be completely arranged, the first thing to do is to write a specification of the real needs […]