Using designer panels while renovating your kitchen

If you need to renovate your home or simply some spaces of it, a practical, convenient and with a strong aesthetic impact solution is for example the  replacement of the kitchen doors   with customizable design panels.So rather than throwing away the old kitchen furniture and making changes that require several weeks of time and with a considerable economic outlay, […]

How to optimize a small apartment?

A small apartment under the roof must be well thought out in advance in order to be pleasant and practical to live in. Here are some tips for arranging a small area! Identify needs If the surface has to be completely arranged, the first thing to do is to write a specification of the real needs […]

Renovating your home in the fall

The ‘ Fall is the perfect time to renew your furniture and home decorations. Climate change and new colors are a great inspiration to give your home a new look! First you need to aim for warm colors and comfortable furnishing accessories. Let’s see what this year’s trends are saying with our tips in a nutshell. FABRICS The star of […]

Renovate your home to bear the cold with ease

Renewing the house and preparing it for the harshest climate is a valid expedient to face the arrival of the autumn and winter seasons with greater serenity. In summer, after the period of relaxation, there is much more chance of being able to plan renovation and redevelopment works, having more light available and a more pleasant climate. The […]