A small, well-appointed apartment can work wonders. And it’s a girl who lived for two years in a 10m2 who tells you.

For that, you don’t need to spend a thousand and cents, but rather to understand what are the real good investments.

Enlarge your small apartment with decor

  • Ideas for separating living spaces

Separating a room into two or more is quite possible, without the need to hire a mason. For that, it is a question of finding ideas that can, nevertheless, let the light pass (most important for small space).

Solenn Bretaudière advises: “think of open bookshelves, to be placed in front of your bed to delimit the sleeping area, for example. A sliding curtain is also a good option.

My advice? Favor the choice of materials. A sail of a boat stretched with a cable attached to the wall works just as well as a curtain… but is definitely cooler.

For a budget-friendly “separating” bookcase, buy Pine plywood and do it yourself. You will see, this will immediately have an effect. ”

  • Paint to structure

You can also buy a small paint bucket to paint one of the walls in a more contrasting fashion. Ideal for delimiting your living room space, for example. It will give it a more cozy , more cocooning appearance at a lower cost.

How to bring brightness to a small space?

Before talking about “tips”, let’s repeat the basics together. Like for example the fact of always favoring light colors, halftones, softer.

Remember to have uncluttered surfaces (it’s easier to clean afterward!), A bed always made …

  • Dare the optical illusion

You might not have thought about it, but a (light) floor and walls in the same color create an illusion of high ceilings.

It is ultimately the same principle as when you dress in monochrome: you appear taller, more skinny!

  • Play with existing light

Without renaming your space “the Hall of Mirrors” (that would be a bit pompous for a 20m2 studio, right?), Have the reflex to buy one or more mirrors.

Placed facing the windows, they will increase the ambient light.

Storage advise optimizing a small space

  •  Think of multifunctional furniture

Obviously, without furniture, your apartment would save space … Except that you need a good sofa to watch Netflix. It’s non-negotiable.

To furnish your interior while making the most of your space, our interior designer has some advice for you.

Solenn Bretaudière says: think about buying a bed (or a sofa bed) that has built-in chests, so practical for switching your winter and summer wardrobe for example.

Furthermore, heights are never used as they should. Since you can’t afford to clutter the floor, place shelving all over the place to restore balance and avoid clutter.

  • Bet on tailor-made

Are you a handyman? Instead, opt for tailor-made furniture that turns out to be perfectly suited to your space and therefore waste as little space as possible. ”

To complete Solenn’s remarks, I would like to stress to you the importance of buying boxes to classify, store … sometimes even hide.

  •  Storage boxes

Without turning into an obsession, the boxes allow you to hide the overflow of objects and utensils that could disturb the gaze… and stifle the vision.

Do you have the option of doing small jobs? Solenn Bretaudière gives you advice that works for sure: by putting “workshop” style windows or by placing sliding panels, you will give character and an ideal layout to your small apartment.

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