Important things to know about furnishing the mezzanine, the extra room

Sometimes necessity, sometimes opportunity. The room obtained by exploiting the heights of the domestic environments offers more possibilities both for small sizes and under frescoed ceilings. Where it is no longer a taboo The idea of ​​furnishing a mezzanine in a house with particularly high ceilings is a temptation for many. However, the opportunity to increase the available square meters must not make us […]

Ideas for furnishing your mezzanine

Many would like to have a mezzanine in the house. Usually, the mezzanine is present in the small size apartments. Having a space that overlooks the walkable surface, it is possible to obtain an extra room without concentrating all the furniture in a single area. In these cases, the mezzanine can be used as a bedroom in order to separate the […]

Renovate your home to bear the cold with ease

Renewing the house and preparing it for the harshest climate is a valid expedient to face the arrival of the autumn and winter seasons with greater serenity. In summer, after the period of relaxation, there is much more chance of being able to plan renovation and redevelopment works, having more light available and a more pleasant climate. The […]